Landscape Contractors Can Help You Save Water!

CLCA's Tip of the Week

California is in the midst of a water crisis. Governor Schwarzenegger has mandated that the per person water usage be cut by 20 percent by 2020. The demands on water usage are rising and with the governor’s goal plus a limited supply, the price of water is predicted to sky-rocket in the coming years. CLCA’s licensed landscape contractors that can successfully help you reduce your outdoor use and save you money in the process. Here is one way a landscape contractor can help you reduce your water use.

Through knowledge and expertise, a licensed landscape contractor can effectively help you face the water crisis head-on. In the process of becoming more water wise, a landscape contractor can help you enhance your property value, be "more green" and save you money. To contact a CLCA licensed professional in your area by using the Find My Contractor search tool on — David Silva


Repair Existing Irrigation Systems

Is your existing irrigation system is causing you to over water? Or maybe your water bill is escalating every month and you’re not sure why? The solution may be as simple as troubleshooting the current watering system. Chances are there may be something wrong with your existing system. A landscape contractor can take a look at it and repair leaks, faulty valves or wiring and suggest alternative watering methods to help reduce excess watering.